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How can I make sure my stainless steel cookware does not stick?

To fry on stainless steel without sticking, you need to get it hot enough (but not too hot!) before adding your oil. Here's how it's done.

Heat the pan for a bit and dash ⅛ teaspoon of water onto the cooking surface. Check for the following:

Water bubbles and steams — you’re getting close!

Water sizzles while tiny beads dance across the surface of the pan — getting closer.

One or two big beads form immediately upon dropping them onto the pan. Bingo! ?

If the pan is too hot, your water will break up into many medium beads that glide across the pan surface. If this happens, remove the pan from heat for a few seconds before trying again.

Once you’ve hit the sweet spot, dry the pan with a dish towel and add oil. After a few seconds, add your food. It should stick less.

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